Sunday, 19 February 2012

Volunteers of light

{03/20/2011} Diversified and abundant thankfulness came from the lips of those who had their loads alleviated by the angels of the Lord. But that thankfulness was addressed to “angels” in flesh and bone, volunteers who had chosen love and started to change the vibrating pattern of planet Earth.

In March a series of earthquakes tore the entrails of Earth and carried thousands of souls. Prevention measures and warnings preserved 150 thousand human beings from leaving the planet – they were timely rescued by actions of relief and evacuation. Other actions were carried out in bordering areas, to prevent fratricidal blodsheds and acts of war or cruelty.

When lightworkers began to act directly in governments, the pillars of many great institutions began to tremble, because they came with total force and struggled for the sovereignty of all humankind.

They brought the conception of a new globalization, not only economic, but applying to commerce and to individual freedoms as well. They shared the concept of a government representing mankind as a whole, to bring peace to Earth and unite men as brothers. The most powerful nation was invited to abandon its power of veto in the UN, in favor of a relative sovereignty for all countries that would mean abandoning the arrogance of a false unlimited power. {Chronicle 052}

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