Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Human Government working with the Divine

[01/1st /2017} The human planetary government is always in contact with representatives of the Divine Government, in the Pavillion of the Great Council, to receive reports and plan new acts and tasks. With the help of qualified officers, messages are received and sent, containing propositions or questions that can be addressed immediately. Questions involving more complex matters may take at most one week to be answered.

The rulers can also ask private questions, if and when they need advice of a philosophical, ehical or moral nature to reinforce their conduct as world leaders. Doubts, temptations and questions about the mode of government will receive support from the guardians who can lovingly advise or help a ruler to manage individual crises concerning his position in power or difficult decisions; the guardians can even comfort them when they feel lonely in their position of command.

Recently, the summit of the human government met with the Great Council for the sole purpose of perfecting their internal channels of communication. On that occasion they also decided to discuss religion. The hope of setting the foundation for humanity to reach a global religion motivated all participants, who then invited the most illustrious religious leaders on the planet, to be heard and inspired by the Divine Guardians. [Entry 088]

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