Sunday, 19 February 2012

A shattered future

{01/23/2011} Rumors spread that thinking about a future of peace for humanity had become overshot. It seems that, back in 2011, everybody “knew” that a there would not be that golden age idealized by the men of old, before the colossal advancement of technology and the depletion of natural resources by the planet’s inhabitants.

A great portion of humanity, however glad with the level reached in their personal lives, did not foresee a paradisiac dawn for planet Earth, with prosperity and harmony. Induced by the unhidden forces commanding the economic and communications systems, the masses were motivated to buy and to search immediate satisfaction, moved by slogans that entangled the unadvised.

Aware of the fact that their world view had been distorted for centuries by those in power, social leaderships, thinkers and opinion-makers seemed hesitant and hopeless when they proposed that govenments should address the basic questions of survival for humanity, by educating the people, stimulating work and prizing culture and the arts. Every day enormous evolutional losses were announced: of historical memory, of lessons from the past, of life models, of living specimens, of concepts and values and of dreams which could point to a better future. In the air was a heavy load of amnesia and stubborness. {Chronicle 056}

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