Friday, 4 May 2012

The Bird of Paradise Visits Friends

[04/09/2017] Animal species at risk of extinction received the empathy of humans and were given room to live and procreate in giant areas destined to the preservation of natural life. The old zoos were abolished and on each continent raising species is now allowed only in their natural environment, kept and preserved in the most harmonious way possible. Animal species are monitored to avoid overpopulation or extinction, their means of subsistence preserved from scarcity. Thus conservationists stimulate the return to Africa of the larger mammals. Bears, seals and marine lions are sent back to the ice. Each species must go back to its original home, protected from suffering or cruelty.
Programs stimulating sightseeing now take passengers to and fro between continents, to wonderful tours of reservations where they enrich their experience in contact with animals not in cages, but in their primitive form of existence. The vibrational level of the areas located around natural parks, generally occupied by animal lovers, has become an invitation for rare birds to visit humans. Even the singular bird of paradise, originated in the tropical forests of New Guinea, has found a way of reproducing near humans. It is on its way to being considered a new domestic animal, together with some others. The legendary quetzal of the American tropical forests, a distant relative, lost its fear of people and has been moving to live closer and closer to residential areas. [Registry 095]

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