Friday, 4 May 2012

Self-Knowledge Stressed

{04/17/2011} Not all events were disastrous and anihilating on Earth during the great tribulations. The magnanimity of Divine balance is always present to show the path for man to follow. Record harvests of grains were quantified, showing the force and positive vitality of Mother Earth; incredible inventions were developed for the benefit of humans and new ways of thinking about family life, school and society began to be debated. Healing for innumerable forms of cancer and for serious neurological diseases were found and man learned more about the need to respect his body and Mother Nature. Global development received a new emphasis and was substantially debated in the world governmental discussions.
As the sciences began to validate premonition, there came new parameters for measuring harmony within people, together with their aspirations and ideals. Self-knowledge beautifully became an almost mandatory subject for those who were getting ready to advance in the search of truth. And millions started to search for explanations, in themselves, for the lack of harmony pressing the world. It was finally realized that a disturbed human being, blinded by his ego, by measureless vanity or thirst for power can become a tyrant, a genocidist and a monster for humanity.

Many dictatorships were brought down in the mid 2011’s and few were those who insisted on the folly of willing to take hold of people’s souls and command their lives, allegedly as “parents of the people”. Unfortunately, not all countries “liberated” from tyranny managed to resurge, for they were quickly taken by the disease of nationalism and religious extremism previously subjacent in their social bases. Those liberated had to follow an arduous path of reconstruction. After the conquest of freedom, they had to keep striving, so as not to lose it again. {Chronicle 50}

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