Friday, 4 May 2012

Respect for Nature’s Magnificence

[03/26/2017] From the splendid forests of the majestic American continent, new wonders can be revealed after the integration of South, Center and North. Eager and loving researchers manage to penetrate into some of the mysteries of the Amazonic jungle that had been preserved. The apparent senselessness of the past, the destruction brought about by ignorance and greed had been necessary for the learning, had served the purpose of teaching the truth that, without due respect to nature, manking would never advance.

Now new treasures are being revealed (and respected) every day, either after the discovery of supposedly extinct vegetal and animal species, or the finding of totally new samples of flora and fauna. The natural reservoir of planetary life opens up abundantly to the new human being, in the Era of Light and Life.

Surprises are constant in the exploration of the Amazon: in addition to the recent discovery of the three pyramids, which had had their existence denied for years in the past, the possibility of accessing intraterrestrial portals is about to be revealed. The pyramids not only exist, but are full of archeological treasures of great value for humanity. The most important discovery was an ancient registry in stone, of a people of uncommon size, probably from the red race, who inhabited the mountain ridges and later migrated to the Amazon. That stone may come to be a sort of “genetic map” of the races composing mankind since times immemorial. The curious aspect of it is that the drawings made on the stone point to the existence of a new man, a combination of those lineages.

Concerning the access to Inner Earth, the scientists in charge are inviting the remaining indigenous populations of the region, but also specialists in geophysics and astronomy, because the portals seem to have an elaborate stellar-related system to open and close. [Registry 094]

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